The Late Colonel Jalapeno Hatch

Our first love.  The sauce that warmed our hearts and started it all.

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Granny Clem’s Caribbean Elixir for Wholesome Suffering

It’s got apples and oranges in it.  So, it’s good for you, painfully so.

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Cockeyed Vinny Barbecue

This bbq sauce is so good, your eyes will roll around in their sockets like a video game trackball.

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The Smiling Itinerant

We are a collection of friends, a mess of delicious peppers, and a truckload of poppycock.

We took our name from the evolution of the hot pepper.  These fruits of pain evolved to be eaten by birds, which always look happy to us unless they are in season.  Birds are not affected by capsaicin and therefore can transport the seeds, along with a bit of fertilizer, to nearly every corner of this big semi-spherical place called, “The World!”

At The Smiling Itinerant, we make hot sauces, barbecue sauces, other sauces, words, and carbon dioxide.  So, tough questions should be directed at the internet…oh wait, direct them at the other internet.  It’s better, we hear.




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